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The battery-operated lift described is a lightweight and maneuverable solution designed for indoor use. With a lifting height range of 3.15" to 88.6" and a compact platform size of 23.8" x 18.5", it is ideal for navigating narrow aisles and confined spaces. The lift features a convenient push-button control pad with a digital display, two straps to stable cargo and a detachable control wand for ease of use. The lift is very easy to pass limited height office or lab gates. The lowered product height is only 57.3". It is equipped with non-marking polyurethane wheels, including 4" steer wheels with 3-stage brakes and 2.5" load wheels. The lift comes with a 110VAC charger and can be used approximately 80-100 times on a full charge. Weighing 250 pounds, it is lightweight and easily transportable. Overall, this battery-operated lift offers convenience, mobility, and versatility for various lifting tasks within indoor environments.


IMPORTANT BATTERY CHARGING NOTE: The battery must be charged within 3 months of storage to prevent self-discharge. If the battery is not charged within 3 months of storage, permanent loss of capacity may occur. If the powered product is going to be stored and/or not in regular use, the batteries must go through a full charge cycle every month to ensure battery life and duty cycle.


Weight Capacity 440lbs

Product Lowered Height 57.3"

Product Raised Height 99.8"

Platform Lowered Height 3.15"

Platform Raised Height 88.6"

Front Roller 2-1/2"

Rear Roller 4" With 3-Stage Break

Power Pack 12V/0.8KW

Battery 12V/60Ah

Net Weight 250 lbs


Powered Platform Lift Truck, 440 lb. Cap, 3.15" to 88.6" Lift Height

$4,200.00 Regular Price
$3,900.00Sale Price
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