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The battery-operated lift described is a lightweight and maneuverable solution designed for indoor navigating narrow aisles and confined spaces. The lift is powered by (2) 12V 12Ah maintenance-free batteries. These batteries provide the necessary power for the lift's operation. They are designed to be long-lasting and reliable, allowing the lift to be used approximately 80-100 times after a full charge. The batteries can be easily recharged using the included 110VAC charger and (2) 12V 12Ah maintenance free batteries. With a full charge, the lift can operate efficiently, providing lifting heights ranging from 8". Features include push button remote control, Limit Switch, Single Pole Ram Attachment, Swivel Casters and Safety Belt. Loading Capacity: 180 lbs.



Lifting Height: 8" to 70"

Ram Adaptor Size: 2" Diameter * 24" Length

Lifting/Lowering speed: 2.17"/s

Lightweight, highly maneuverable

Features include push button remote control with 7' cord

Non-marking polyurethane 5" steer wheels with brakes and 3" load wheels.

Ideal for use in narrow aisles and confined spaces

Recommend to use in S3 - Intermittent periodic duty

Can be used 80-100 times after fully charged


IMPORTANT BATTERY CHARGING NOTE: The battery must be charged within 3 months of storage to prevent self-discharge. If the battery is not charged within 3 months of storage, permanent loss of capacity may occur. If the powered product is going to be stored and/or not in regular use, the batteries must go through a full charge cycle every month to ensure battery life and duty cycle.


Product Dimensions: 40 x 24 x 79 inches

Shipping Weight: 200 pounds

Electric Work Positioner Truck, 180 lbs Cap. 70" Ram Lift

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