Our scissor lift table is widely used as a scissor lift trolley to transport materials to specific locations. The scissor lift table can be manually pumped to the required height through its hydraulic foot pump mechanism. The foot pump raises and lowers the platform using a single scissor lift and hydraulic cylinder. In addition, it can be used as a mobile work bench so you can work from a load at different heights to reduce the risk of injury.


  • Safe, light, easy to use and highly manoeuvrable
  • High quality robust construction
  • Minimum lift height: 13.3" Maximum lift height: 35.4"
  • Hinged handle automatically locks into upright position, released by foot bar
  • Heavy duty arm, bearings and hydraulics

Pake Handling Tools - Premium Scissor Lift Table, 1100 lbs, 40.5 X 24"

$1,099.99 Regular Price
$1,049.99Sale Price